Presentations in Business English

Is your company doing business with other companies abroad?
Do you need to present your company, your products, your services in English?
Do you want to impress your business partners with a perfect presentation in English?


  • how to prepare your speech
  • how to say it "in a nutshell"
  • how to make your audience long for more
  • how to draw your audience's attention to yourself and your presentation
  • how to optimise your body language
  • how to make yourself look and act good in front of a camera

It is one thing to learn how to present your company, your product, your services in German. It is a "another kettle of fish" to do so in English. By using the right words and idioms you can impress your business partner and win his support.

Learn from two communication professionals how to deal with an audience or a camera. Your presentation will be recorded on video to discuss how to improve your performance.


Dr. Viktor Hermann

Dr. Viktor Hermann has worked as a journalist for the “Salzburger Nachrichten” for more than 43 years - 20 years in the position of deputy editor. Dr. Hermann teaches journalism, crisis communication and presentation techniques in various institutions.

Dr. Wolfgang Immerschitt

Dr. Wolfgang Immerschitt, executive partner of Plenos Communication Agency, lecturer for communication management at the University of Salzburg and the University of Applied Sciences of Hagenberg. Dr. Immerschitt is the author of books dealing with PR management, employer branding, crisis communication and other topics.



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